Pressure calibration

At ABLE Calibration Services Ltd, we specialise in on-site and laboratory pressure calibration. We are based in Newport and also serve throughout the UK. You can call us on 07769 701 042 for more details.

Our parameters

The experts at ABLE Calibration Services Ltd
can accurately calibrate various types of pressure equipment within the following parameters:

• Pressure and vacuum -0.9 to 35 bar
• Pressure (Hydraulic) 0 to 400 bar
Pressure calibration
Call ABLE Calibration Services Ltd on 07769 701 042 for comprehensive pressure calibration services throughout Newport and the UK.
Pressure calibration equipment

All types of equipment

We provide calibration services for a wide range of equipment: 

• Pressure gauges
• Digital gauges
• Manometers and much more

ABLE Calibration Services Ltd also offers temperature calibration services at reasonable rates.
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